What are dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances that replace the appearance and function of your smile, whether you’re missing all or some of your teeth. Designed to look like your natural teeth, dentures also restore your confidence and your quality of life.

Benefits of dentures

Replacing missing teeth isn’t just about aesthetic concerns. While replacing missing teeth is essential for your emotional wellbeing, it is also essential for the health of the rest of your oral structures. Missing teeth can cause bone loss, cause the shape of your face to change because the facial muscles are no longer supported, and cause any other remaining teeth to move. Dentures can help prevent all of these issues, restoring not only your appearance but also your oral health.

  • Restore your speech
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Restore your ability to chew
  • Preserve the shape of your face
  • Replace all or some of your teeth

Aside from these benefits, dentures are often more cost-effective than other tooth-replacement options such as implants.

Types of dentures available at Gies

Complete dentures

Complete or full dentures replace, as the name implies, a complete row of teeth. If you’re missing a full row of teeth Dr. Gies may suggest complete dentures to restore your smile.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures, as the name suggests, replace a few teeth.

Implant-supported dentures
Implant-supported dentures are exactly what they sound like: removable dentures that are supported by dental implants. This is an excellent, secure option for many people with enough jawbone to support implants.

What to expect

Getting dentures will require multiple dental visits. After your consultation, you will need to get any necessary procedures before Dr. Gies makes your final set of dentures. This could include tooth extractions and bone grafts. Once any necessary pre-treatments are completed, Dr. Gies will take impressions of your gums (and any surrounding teeth) to custom-make your dentures.

Once he gets your dentures back from the lab, Dr. Gies will fit them to you and make sure they are comfortable. This process may require a few appointments as you adjust to life wearing your new dentures. In the end, your dentures will fit you comfortably.

What to expect after getting your dentures

Your dentures may feel a bit uncomfortable or awkward at first, but, like anything, you will get used to them with a little practice and patience.

  • You can practice reading out loud to yourself, speaking slowly at first
  • Start by eating small bites of food to get used to the feeling of your dentures in your mouth
  • Eat only soft foods until you are used to your dentures
  • Use a little adhesive to secure your dentures in place

If your dentures continue to feel uncomfortable or are painful, always speak with Dr. Gies about this. Your dentures should not cause you pain. You are your own best advocate when it comes to your dentures, meaning that if anything is uncomfortable, painful, or just doesn’t feel right, always bring it up. You and Dr. Gies are partners in the success of your dentures.

Why get dentures at Gies Family Dental

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Gies has spent years honing his craft, taking continuing education courses, and advancing with the field of dentistry. When you choose Gies Family Dental, you are choosing one of San Antonio’s best dental practices, and you can be confident in the quality and compassion of your care.

Finance & Insurance

Most dental insurance plans offer some coverage for dentures. If you’re unsure what your insurance plan covers, ask our knowledgeable staff to help you. We are also proud to partner with CareCredit so that you can get the restorative dental treatments you need at a monthly price you can afford. Affordable dentures in San Antonio just got easier to find!

Are you ready to take back your confidence and quality of life with dentures? Call Gies Family Dental today